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Fast Attacks on the uncastled king. Roll Him Down!



Alekhine Vs Rowena 1938 13 Caro-Kann White uses a knight Sacrifice on f7 to pull out the king and then checkmate him.
2. Alekhine Vs Vasich 1931 11 1-0 A fine attack on e7 using the bishop pair. Alekhine sacrifices his queen to open up the king and then finished him off using his bishops.


Leonhardt vs Amateur 1912   1-0 White forces the queen out early and then traps it.


Powers vs Dake 1937   1-0 White checkmates on f7 in 10 moves with a pawn!


Amatuer vs Lasker 1924   0-1 Here is a well known trap invented by chess legend Lasker.


Vetich vs Penrose 1950   0-1 Some deadly knight forks here.


Amateur vs Leonhardt 1903   0-1 This game is an excellent example of forks at their best!


Falkbeer vs Amateur     1-0 One of the most famous short games with a fantastic finish.


Amateur vs Amateur 1884   1-0 White does some fancy f7 manuevering!


Hamilsh vs Amateur 1902   1-0 Whites pawn center leads to a piece sacrifice and a fast checkmate!


Dadian vs Doubrava 1896   1-0 A beautiful smothered mate.


Amateur vs Amateur     0-1 A relative pin backfires. A 5 move quickie.


Gibaud vs Lazard 1924   0-1 Black checkmates in 6 moves with a smothering tactic!


Greko vs Amateur 1919   1-0 A brilliant queen sacrifice leads to checkmate.


unknown     0-1 Black does a quick queen sacrifice checkmate!


Imbusch vs Goring 1899   1-0 Sometimes the queen has to do all the work.


Boguijubov vs Amateur 1925   1-0 Black goes on a king walk.


Pillsbury vs Fernandez 1900   1-0 A famous short game!


Unknown     1-0 White takes advantage of black's poor development
20. Steinitz vs Rock 1863 16 1-0 Taken from Chess Brilliancies. This is one of the most brilliant fast attacks on f7 ever. Steinitz sacrifices a queen for a forced checkmate in 7 moves!
21. Tarrasch Vs Kurschner 1893 . 1-0 Taken from Chess Brilliancies.White takes advantage of an early f pawn push, and storms the center with his pawns. White uses killer DOUBLE BISHOPS for the checkmate.
22. Tal Vs Sotnikov   16 1-0 Tal was called "The Magician" because of his magical tactical abilities. In this game he shows how to bust apart a French Defence Fast using some amazing piece sacrifices that open up f7.
23. Tal Vs. Vaganian   12 1-0 Another fast attack on the f7 square from the great Mikhail Tal.


















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