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Playing chess may just seem like a whole lot of fun to the kids playing, but they are actually thinking their way to success! Children are naturally drawn to the fun and challenging game of chess, especially when they learn the Academic Chess way.



Our Founder, Eric Hicks, was a special education kid in elementary and high school drop out with a 1.4 GPA. After devoting a summer to chess and becoming a tournament chess player, Eric decided to give school another wack. Enrolling in Junior College, Eric found that his entire critical thinking process had changed, and he was able to breeze through Junior College, get his highschool diploma, and transfer to Berkeley where he eventually graduated with honors!



Did you know c-note man himself, Mr. Ben Franklin was a big chess fan? He believed chess was a tool to help build strong character in a person. So much did he believe in this article he wrote a wonderful article entitled "On the Morals of Chess".

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Benefits of Chess

Academic Chess helps kids to:

  • gain confidence
  • learn to solve problems
  • build discipline
  • increase concentration
  • learn to strategize
  • develop critical thinking skills
  • learn to recognize patterns and develop tactics
  • improve communication
  • build memory skills
  • analyze and evaluate
Academic Chess teaches using its own unique set of cartoon characters to represent each chess piece. These characters pique the interest of children and get them involved in the lessons. Also, this visual approach gives kids mental "hooks" on which to hang new concepts. Using posters, booklets, and energetic instructors centered on these characters, we fire up the kids to learn chess!

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