We're currently looking for chess instructors to teach elementary kids 1-6th grade chess in the elementary schools. We are an organization that has been teaching chess for over 10 years . Each year our program and curriculum gets stronger and better. We are responsible for much of the scholastic chess craze currently exploding in California. If you live anywhere in California or Vegas, please apply by clicking the online application below. Currently we are expanding to other states. If you think you have what it takes to help us grow in your city please email us. We are the largest and best scholastic teaching organization in the country.

Pay rates vary according to your chess teaching and chess playing level. Chess instructors make as little as $20 for a one hour class, and as much as $50 an hour.



We are looking for chess players who are good with kids to help us teach chess. If you are not a chess player, to teach with us you must commit serious time to learning chess. We can turn you into a descent chess player, but you must be willing to commit at least one hour a day.

Also we have full time work administrating and teaching during the school day for our best instructors.

Additionally, we need web designers or people who are willing to sale us material for our website. If you have interesting web articles you are interested in selling, email us.

Good with kids is a must. If you are good with kids, and good at chess, or if you have enough interest in chess to put serious work into it, we have a job for you teaching chess in the schools.

Here are our requirements:

• No Felony Record, or misdemeanors involving children. All AC Instructors must be Department of Justice checked.
• Good with kids.
• Available between 2 and 4 on weekdays
• Have reliable transportation


If you think that his job is something that you are interested in, please fill out the online application here.





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