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The play chess interface is up. I really enjoy this email version of chess over the live speed chess version. It has gotten me back into slow chess.



Finished the Mikhail Tal focus section of the site.



Basic mates section is done.



After a lot of work FANTASY FISCHER FINISHES is done! In this unique lesson you take over the games of clearly won Fischer games and play on against them against the computer. A truly great lesson on finishing won games.


SMOOTH MOVES of brilliant GM's has been added. Combination problems broken down by players. An enormous amount of work with tons of problems and over 20 players! I wonder if anyone will ever appreciate all this!



New links page is really awesome!


Started working on the site again after a long hietas! List of fixes are long but mostly I did a site re-design with a new navigation bar. Slick!

Play chess interface is up! Play against a dummied down computer!

Cal chess journal added to the front page with "miraculous" Fischer story.


Check out the new Kasparov slide show.




8 / 6/2003

3 new slide shows:

Morphy in the U.S. Picture Show

The Capablanca Picture Show

The Nimzo Picture Show



I am proud of these brand new creations...something a little different.

New Bobby Fischer Picture Show

New Paul Morphy Picture Show



Where do I start....

World's Most Famous Chess Games

Sleezy tricks (comedy)

New improved Supercharger

Brilliancies .... many annotated games added to this section. This section is one of my favorites.

New and Improved Morphy Facts

New and improved Fischer Index




Added a tribute to Richard Shorman of the greatest coaches I have ever met.



Added a terrific article on Kasparov and his views of how computers affect chess.



Ben a while since I wrote. Here are some of the larger updates:

Added the Reinfield Combinations and Sacrifice problems broken down by tactis theme. Go to the probem index and choose the reinfield section you want.

Redid all of the problem exericises in the probem index.

Here are my favorite redos in that section:

Added a tribute to IRVING CHERNOV.


Big chess addition to the site up tonight. Check out the new diagram collection from positions taken from the games in Irving Chernev's book 1000 Best Short Games of Chess. Also, check out the new diagram index. A lot of stuff here to keep you busy.



I have been spending much time restructuring the site. It is getting to big to be in standard htm format. Big changes that you won't see much right now, but later we will be able to change the navigation menus sight wide easily.

Finished up on the newsgroup. Super addition to the sight.


7/5 The Newsgroup

We now have a new newsgroup on Now all out students will be able to keep current on the chess scene. Check this group out for lots of cool dope.


7/2 The King's Gambit Refuted

Started inputting the Spassky facts today. Go to the Spassky index and click on a the pictures to get some cool facts. While doing my research I stumbled on an interesting piece. Fischer never won a game against the King's Gambit, but is the world's expert on busting it! How did this happen? Read how Fischer lost his first game against Spassky to the Kings Gambit, and then wrote an article about busting it. The article effectively busted the king's gambit. I am an avid King's Gambit player and the article made a believer out of me. I have known of the Fischer bust lines, but to read the article in which Fischer argues vehemently that black can come out better in the King's Gambit is pretty convincing. I am done playing the King's Gambit in serious tournament play. Read Fischer's Side of the story, then go to read the Spassky Side, and don't forget to read the "article itself" which is in an excellent java script interface which makes it a breeze to play through Fischer's thoughts. Man I wish I had a resource like this website for studying chess...someone should have shown me that article years ago!!!


7/1 Added the Morphy games collection which includes Morphy facts. Click on the rolling images to see 13 interesting facts on the life of Morphy. The games are 7 games for now all extensively analysed. Finished the pdf section so students can print the games. This is a feaure that our chess instructors use to print out handouts for their classes.

6/29 Added the Spassky games collection complete with rolling images. The games collections are a number of days of work, because i have to annotate each game. Analysis is extensive with nearly every move commented on. Currently there are 5 games in this collection with more to come. Also, Spassky facts will be added to this section shortly.

Redid the great games of chess brains index with funky rolling graphics.


Woke up this morning. Constructed this web site diary. Wrote the manifesto. Tried to re-create what I did for the last few days. Wish I had done this sooner.


Added the Fischer fact section. Click on a picture in the Fischer index and get a fun fact. Plan to change/elaborate those facts when I have more time. Worked at Mechanic’s library on the Steinitz games collection. Went through a bunch of chess books. Read through some Purdy Books based on Richard Shoreman’s recommendation. Purdy had a way of simplifying chess (some say oversimplifying) a teaching method I feel is effective. Chess is to overwhelming if you try to be too accurate when teaching it.


Re-did the play chess index with some fancy fonts and better rolling images. Taught myself how to color fonts in photoshop. Added fancy color fonts in many places in the web site. Expect to see a whole bunch more.

6/24 Redid the front page with star images. Takes 3 minutes to see all the images so be patient. Added the Fischer brilliant moves section.