Logical Chess Move By Move

Play through one of the games of Logical Chess with logical commentary by clicking here!

The game you can play through by clicking the above link, is so important we have devoted this entire page to it. Irving Chernev's Logical Chess is one of the best beginning chess books ever written, was the first book read by our founder, Eric Hicks and is one of Academic Chess's recommended books. Logical chess has only a few chess games in it, but each move is explained in depth. Unfortunately, Logical Chess is out of print, but keep checking Amazon and you may find it. The fact that one of the greatest beginner chess books ever written is out of print is a sad commentary on the ingnorance of main stream Chess. We have one of the games here that you can see. Also, we try to use the Logical Chess style of annotation when we put commentary on our Great Games of Chess Brains series.















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