"Fame, I have already. Now I need the money."-- an elderly STEINITZ

Here is how you can win the car or $10,000 cash (your choice).

  • Join an Academic Chess afterschool program or summercamp
  • You must be an amateur level player (rated under 2000 at the time of joining)
  • Obtain one of the cards as show above. This is your pass to riches. You need to show this ticket to redeem your prize.
  • If any time during your lifetime you achieve the following you win the grand prize! (click here for more info on the car)
  • Get onto the top 10 list of chess players in the world. See the current list here.
  • OR Win the World Junior Championship and become Top Junior in the World
  • And you will win your choice of either the car or the CASH!!!

Read about young world champion contendors

This proclamation is made on March 15th, 2003


Founder and Director of Academic Chess

P.S. Below are some links that will help you on your mission.


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