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Welcome Chess Enthusiasts

Welcome to the Academic Chess of Reno Nevada website. Are you a chess player or parent? Are you a schoolteacher or principal? Well whoever you are, you have come to a great place to learn about chess and our awesome high-energy program. This website was created so that students, parents, teachers, and principals can keep up to date with information concerning Academic Chess, and get to know the chess teachers that are so excited to teach in the area.

We offer tournaments for children, classes for children, and the only chess club around dedicated only to chess! Having this site is also just a good excuse to post cool pictures, quiz your brain with puzzles, and help players find equipment online. Enjoy your websurfing.

Chess is forever...

Play Free Online Chess!!

Academic Chess hosts the best place online to play free chess. Our instructors are online and ready to play some games with students and parents. Anyone can sign up and play here as well. This is a great instrument for children to learn from an Academic Chess instructor online. Just look for the users with AC in front of their name (example: AC Vernon Young) and challenge them to a game. Any chess students that are part of our after-school program should sign up using SC in front of their name (example: SC chessmonster) and challenge each other as well. The moves can be emailed to you and you can play on the interface where the moves will be updated on the board. Click on the links below to sign up and get started playing chess online!


Chess Equipment Store!

Is there a birthday coming up soon? Looking for a gift for a relative? Wondering where to find a chess clock? Check out the Academic Chess equipment catalog by clicking the link below! We have all kinds of equipment from tournament bags for the serious competitor to chess pocket sets for the chess student. If you are without a chessboard, clock, or carry case then check it out for sure! We have recently created a relationship with the largest chess equipment distributer on the internet -! Our prices cannot be beat anywhere else on the internet.


Hot Website Links

Every website needs a links page! We have linked up to many chess related websites to help you feed your urge to learn! There are tons of sites out there and some of them are very educational. We will keep a sharp eye on these sites for the safety of any children that may be enjoying our website. Always be aware of when your child is online and where he/she is surfing online. I would recomend making sure that your child does not make any online relationships with anyone other than a chess instructor from the Reno Academic Chess program. Call or send us an email to make sure that we are the person that your child is contacting at any time.


Chess Instructors Wanted

Do you think you have what it takes to be an Academic Chess Instructor? Visit the REQUIREMENTS page to find out if you do!

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